The In-fidelity online store is still in the works. Once we work it out it’ll include all the features you crave. Until then you can purchase releases the old-school mail order way as detailed below....if you know what you want it’s easy. If not the best way to see what we have available is to go to the artist’s discography page where you’ll even be able to read lots of positive re-enforcing reasons and reviews as to why you need to own every record our label has ever released.

1. email us and tell us what you want to buy and your address.
2. we’ll email back telling you how much the items you want will cost including the postage options.
3. if you’re happy with what we have to say send us the money (well concealed cash, bank cheque, money order, international money order).
4. once we have your payment we’ll, very carefully, package up your goodies spend a little time arguing as to who’s going to walk ‘em up to the post office and send them on to you.
5. you receive them and are glad