Loene / Lena
( SIN003 )

Release Type : 7" Collection
Released Date : May 1 2003

The Devastations formed from the demise of Luxedo. Their epic sound could be described as Johnny Cash meets Serge Gainsbourgh meets Lee Hazlewood meets Ennio Morricone - or maybe not.

The Cants
Complications / Buffet
( SIN005 )

Release Type : 7" Collection
Released Date : September 1 2003

Sometimes great bands with great songs just seem to spring out of nowhere. Meet The Cants (yep, that’s how it’s spelt!). We never thought we’d ever put out a single by a band named after a philosopher, but that was before we heard The Cants. This trio have a razor-sharp rhythm and beat sound that wouldn’t be out of place on Nuggets or Ugly Things – or on the In-Fidelity 7” series!