Do you want to hear my demo/cd/etc?
Sure! We love to hear as much new stuff as possible. We can’t promise that we’ll get back to everyone that sends something through, but we will try. Send them to In-Fidelity Recordings Pty Ltd, PO Box 192, East Melbourne, Victoria 3002, Australia, and cross your fingers. One last thing here, if you really want us to listen to your stuff PLEASE don’t send MP3’s or links to your web site, go the extra yards and send a hard copy through the post.

What sort of artist does In-Fidelity want to sign?
One’s that we like. It’s not a coincidence that Dan Kelly sounds nothing like The Datsuns (or Silo for that matter), it’s just that the sound they make did funny things to us when we first put them in the machine and pressed play or saw them play live. Life’s like that.

Can In-Fidelity provide me with a secure well paying job?
Probably not, but things do change so feel free to let us know about yourself by sending your resume to The Taskmaster, In-Fidelity Recordings Pty Ltd, PO Box 192, East Melbourne, Victoria 8002, Australia.

I can’t find In-Fidelity releases at my local record store. What should i do?
In your most polite manner ask the nice person behind the counter to please look up the title in their “Platterlog” or “AEROS” system....they’ll know what that means. If they can’t find it, or won’t help why not look up our list of partisan stores and give them your custom instead, or go to our online store where you’ll find stuff you won’t find anywhere else?! Or let us know....

Can i use In-Fidelity music in my film/movie/television program or advertisement?
Maybe, but not before we give you and tell us your story.

Can you send me promo copies of your releases for my radio show/fanzine/magazine?
Maybe..... email and tell us about yourself and your show or 'zine. If we don’t currently service your gig and think that we should, then you win. Bear in mind though that we have a limited budget for promos and currently service a large and seemingly endless number of people.


How, when, where and why did In-Fidelity begin?
September 2002 was when Bruce Milne and Steven Stavrakis, two old guys who in their earlier lives had been influential prime movers on the independent scene, announced the establishment of their new label In-Fidelity.

Bruce had just finished a 2 ½ year stint as A&R Manager with EMI and Steven felt that it was about time to kick in his Label Manager tag with Modular. Steven hired a big truck to move his worldly goods from hometown Marrickville and followed it down the Hume with the family in tow in their version of the Griswald family truckster.

The first release on the label was the debut album from The Datsuns. The band had been feted by major labels around the world, finally signing a one album deal with V2 in all territories outside Australia and New Zealand where they chose to go with In-Fidelity. The Datsuns’ debut album was released on October 16.

Looking at the story-to-date for the partners in In-Fidelity its easy to see why The Datsuns put their faith in them. Both Milne and Stavrakis both have enviable reputations for breaking new music in Australia.

Bruce Milne established the Au Go Go label and Stavrakis was co-founder of Waterfront Records and Fellaheen. Between them they have worked with such seminal Australian acts as Magic Dirt, Spiderbait, Ratcat, The Meanies, The Hardons, The Scientists, Ben Lee, Snout and Eastern Dark. They have also been intrinsically involved in breaking era-defining, international acts such as Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr, Mudhoney and The Butthole Surfers to an Australian audience.

Look at the Australian music industry today and you can’t help but recall Michael Caine’s immortal hitman words in the ‘60s gangster classic Get Carter: "You’re a big man, but you’re outta shape!". In-Fidelity is a much needed antidote, a small, agile and in-touch label with clout; a continuation of Milne and Stavrakis’ long term commitment to breaking the freshest, razor sharp local and international acts onto the Australian scene.