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02 May 2007 Capital City - Throw their love away on Youtube

Capital City have posted their clip for "Let's Throw Our Love Away" on Youtube.
Check it!

22 February 2007 Capital City - throwing good money after bad

CAPITAL CITY - Western Australiaís favourite exponents of punk-rock, rhythm and blues have signed to In-Fidelity.

The four-piece band has just come out of Blackbird Studios recording the debut album, Bad Money, with WAMi award-winning producer Dave Parkin (The Panda Band, Red Jezebel, Snowman).

Bad Money will be out March 17th on In-Fidelity Records (via Inertia distribution).

Keep an ear out for the single, Letís Throw Our Love Away, that will be (hopefully) all over the airwaves any day now.