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05 February 2008 Witch Hats - Sell You Light Sole

Rummaging through the bones of 60s pop, late 70s post-punk, 80s and 90s noise rock, Melbourne four piece Witch Hats, are the ideal antidote to a world that celebrates the vacuous pursuits of the celebrity classes, cheap corporate rhetoric and the disposable lifestyle.

It's the follow up to their highly acclaimed 2006 EP Wound Of A Little Horse and the release of their 7" single Before I Weigh, the single lifted from the album late 2007.

Witch Hats released its debut EP, Wound Of A Little Horse, in 2006 on In-Fidelity Recordings. Quickly gathering local and national notoriety for their fuzz 'n' swamp drenched live attack, Witch Hats returned to the studio in 2007 with Ben Ling and Phill Calvert.

The result of this astonishing moment of studio alchemy is Cellulite Soul, Witch Hats' debut album. Raw, primitive and compelling, Cellulite Soul is the sound of the vulgar reality that seethes beneath the thin veneer of humanity. The album features their unique sonic: a frenzied skree of sex noises, papercuts to the tongue and electrified, ozone melting howls.

It's the sound that falls upwards. Tomas P Barry's desperate, eager guitar fondling generates a holy noise. Ash Buscombe's rumbling bass throws sticky giant sundew tentacles at the listener, working in sleazy concert with the cannibal snap of Duncan Blachford's urban
voodoo drum patterns. Floating above it all Kris Buscombe whispers the vulgarity and howls the righteous violence: the mundane is a tyrant, here for all to see. A fat, scabby truth that struts like a harlot. Take a good look, but don't complain children, it's good for you.

The first single, Before I Weigh, lures the listener in to the album itself with a strangely coherent narrative of mesmerising quality. And once you're in, there's no going back. Climbing Up Yr Cable is pop in its finest sludged-out guise and Western slashes with precision at the dysfunction around us, chopping it to raw, quivering bits. The narrative of Potato Feet is variously amusing, disturbing and threatening, while Doors Film expands from a disposable pop cultural reference into a surging churn of sonic philosophy that will bend your mind inside out.

Cellulite Soul is the album you've been waiting to hear, and it's even better than you expected.

Go forth and join the Witch Hats journey.

03 October 2006 Witch Hats - Wound Of A Little Horse

Witch Hats release their EP, Wound Of A Little Horse, in early November and have a bunch of gigs coming up to promote it. If you haven't experienced the band live, we suggest it's time you did.

Check the upcoming shows section for all the gig info.

"Witch Hats are a ridiculously good live act." Riot Mag

16 August 2006 In-Fidelity vs Witch Hats

There goes their indy cred!
Witch Hats and In-Fidelity have joined forces.
If you haven't heard (nor seen) them yet, you need to.

As Beat mag said:
"Witch Hats are probably the best new band in Melbourne right now, if not Australia (and perhaps also the universe). The filthiness and the creepiness of their sound is full of conviction, and a reluctance to conform to any standards set by any of their Melbourne 'indie' counterparts; they don't give a fuck. They know they're more real than most."

Witch Hats EP, Wound Of A Little Horse, will be released in mid-November.

Picture (left to right): Bruce (In-Fidelity - stunned), Tomas (Witch Hats -
guitar), Kris (Witch Hats - vocals/guitar), Colin (In-Fidelity - tears),
Duncan (Witch Hats - drums), Ash (Witch Hats - bass).