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23 January 2007 Kamikaze Trio - French Lick & Dutch Treats

The Kamikaze Trio head off to Europe in May for a solid round of gigs in Netherlands/France/Sweden/Germany/Belgium. We hope the Dutch like the band because they're going to play nine gigs in the Netherlands alone.

All confirmed gigs have been added to the touring section.

The new, still untitled, alum is almost complete and will be released on In-Fidelity asap.

25 October 2006 Kamikaze Trio - French Lick

The Kamikaze Trio members have spent most of 2006 involved in a myriad of other/side-projects (Spencer P. Jones, Digger & The Pussycats, Russian Roulettes, Group Seizure, etc.). But the time has come for them to get their act together and get down to business. In December, In-Fidelity will release their new EP, French Lick, with an album to follow in early 2007.
They'll be touring Australia a lot in the next few months and heading off to Europe in April 2007.

02 March 2005 Kamikaze Trio - new release

The debut album by Melbourne's hyper energetic, sonic r'n'r anarchists, Kamikaze Trio is finally out. Danger Money includes all the band's singalong faves - Prescription Pills, Get It Right, Party and many more. Catch them on the Young & the Restless tour (with the Cants and the Specimens) that is currently winding its way up the East Coast. the band head off to Europe soon, though a few more select dates (and album launches) will be announced in April.