01 February 2003

Photo Gallery

BEAT MAGAZINE - Single Of The Week
"Dan Kelly is dropping lines that really should make no sense - how exactly does one go from breaking out of prison in a helicopter to selling "icy chock bananas" in Dromana? - but he's doing it in such relaxed style that he could probably sell us any fanciful tale he liked and we'd be so blinded by his rootsy twang, so distracted by his dry falsetto, so wrapped up in his lonesome mood, and so enamoured of his self-deprecating one-liners, that we'd buy the lot. In fact, we already did. Hook. Line. Sinker." - .

IN-PRESS - Single Of The Week
"While everyone's crowding around the fire that's burning brightly, what about this smouldering thing over here? ...cosy and intimate...beguiling and smooth...part country-grit, part psychedelic...a Stonesy swagger...a haunting falsetto. A powerfully original debut heralding a significant Melbourne talent."

1.  Countermeal Kim
2.  Man-O-Mercy
3.  Nasty Streak
4.  I Am A Fraud
5.  How Long, Marianne?

Sing The Tabloid Blues
15 March 2004

1.  Checkout Cutie
2.  Step Forward
3.  Bunk Lovin' Man
4.  All On My Lonesome
5.  Summer Wino
6.  Human Sea
7.  Lutheran Hall
8.  Get High On Yr Own Supply
9.  The Tabloid Blues
10.  Pregnant Conversation
11.  A Town Called Sadness
12.  River O' Tears

Pirate Radio
31 October 2005

1.  Drunk On Election Night
2.  Shake Your Mood
3.  Sitting By The Riverside
4.  If It's So Hard To Be Happy, Try Sad But More Outgoing
5.  Roots Lifestyle Superjam
6.  Dear Kyle

Drowning In The Fountain Of Youth
12 August 2006

1.  Safeway Holiday (Get Wise)
2.  Babysitters Of The World Unite!
3.  Drowning In The Fountain Of Youth
4.  I Will Release Myself (Unto You)
5.  Fire & Theft (The Landscape Gardener's Dream)
6.  My Brains Are On Fire
7.  Back On The Booze Again
8.  Mail Order Bride
9.  Drunk On Election Night
10.  The Lonely Cocnut
11.  Vice City Rolling
12.  Star Of The Sea