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You may need to wear a helmet and body armour for protection but you donít want to miss the glorious, physical insanity of a King Brothers performance.

From Osaka, Japan, the King Brothers combine the elements of every vital era of rock Ďn' roll music into one reverb drenched ball of sound that will make your jaw dropÖor break (depending on how close youíre standing!). This is very wild music and they take it very seriously.

The King Brothers have toured Europe, the US and of course Japan leaving a trail of blind worshippers in their wake. Now itís Australia and New Zealandís chance to witness what all the fuss is about.

In-Fidelity Records is releasing the King Brothers?mighty album, Blues, in time for the tour.

The KING BROTHERS are the new face of rock n' roll music.

"The King Brothers are the best rock n' roll band in the world"?
Eric Oblivian (The Oblivians)

"See them before they all die of heart attacks"?
Exile Osaka magazine