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Itís crusty, warped samples, yelling, guitar pop w/samples thatís a bit loose and ruff around the edges.

It used to be called Big Jim. The name was changed to avoid confusion with a German band of the same name. Itís Merle Morris now.

Merlle Morris is a pretty recent act, put together by George around July 2004. It started out with Steve Scott from 'The Telemetry Orchestra' on samples and synth bass but he headed O/S around Xmas 2004 and Scott Herbert picked up where he left off.

George's musical background has been varied and includes dub + sample
driven electronica, rock and a bit oí this'n'that. Things have now turned pop though still sample driven with the addition of guitar and laksa vocals.

George likes to write songs that are around 2 minutes 10 long.

Scott Herbert learnt the ways of the tour van playing guitar and keys and sometimes singing in ESN, a pop-rock band which from 1998 recorded two EPs and an album, Actual Size, before breaking up in early 2002. He went on to found the electronica group theHEAD, which released the album Cubic Meters. Scott has spent most of 2004 writing new material with theHEAD and playing keys for SPOD on tour. Heís also on the (just released) Eternal Champions albumette under the stagename "Rudi Stahgbonn".

Danny Heifitz plays drums with Munkle and Secret Chiefs (who have released a new album). He is in about ten bands.

Hi Lights so far: Lamb kebabs and cava in Adelaide. Winning BragLIVE in July 2004 and playing our FIRST GIG EVER at The Sydney Entertainment Centre, while dirtbikes flew in the air above our heads. This was also the first time George sung in front of anyone.

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