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Guitar Wolf is:
Seiji - guitar
Billy - bass
Toru – drums
Why Loverock??
Seiji: “It's because we really love rock. It's the best album we've made. I'm scared of my talents. It's too great. We are geniuses”.
Guitar Wolf were recently honoured by having a tribute album of their songs released in Japan. Featuring Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Sonic Youth’s Jim O’Rourke, J. Mascis, The Cato Salsa Experience and New Zealand’s D4 (amongst others from around the world) beating our their favourite tracks from Guitar Wolf’s previous seven albums (and numerous singles).

“Fuck the Strokes, fuck the Hives, and fuck every other slicked-out overhyped rock band on the planet. If you want real rock and roll the Guitar Wolf is your band”
Houston Press US

Whilst described by many overseas music magazines as the greatest rock’n’roll band in the world, to many in Australian and New Zealand Guitar Wolf are best known for their appearance in the Japanese cult movie, Wild Zero (seen recently on SBS, and regularly on World Movies).

Somewhere between Billy Lee Riley, The Stooges and the sound of the apocalypse lurks the fiery monster known as Guitar Wolf.
Junkmedia US

Guitar Wolf’s (long overdue) Australasian debut, Loverock, should help change them from cult figures into the rock gods that others (and the band) know they are. Their tour in April will cement that status.

Loverock is the kind of brutally loud, revved up, Stone age primitive rock and roll that makes you realize how manicured and silly most of the so-called "garage bands" really are.
Splendid US

Guitar Wolf formed in Tokyo in 1987. Along with the’s, Teengenerate, Supersnazz and the Mad 3, they created the Japanese “Garage Rockin’ Craze” that has spread around the world.

Japan's most insane blues-punk rock 'n' rollers refuse to burn out or fade away: Their eighth album is their best so far. Seiji's guitar attacks on many tracks are revolutionary. Sounds like he's feeding his legendary six-string into a wood chipper in the studio.
Japan Times Best of 2004