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Kamikaze Trio

The Kamikaze Trio are a splintered, frayed, flare-up of rock and roll that is claustrophobic and unrestrained at the same time. Theyíre a rock and roll band that knows the meaning of angry catharsis, but solely for musical enterprises. The Kamikaze Trio are rabid entities who have too much musical energy and they look like they need to obliterate it. Shane Jesse Christmas, Beat Magazine Melbourne

The Kamikaze Trio comes from strange times. When most of their contemporaries are looking to the past for inspiration, these boys are looking to the future. Maybe its because they are too young to remember a time before Nirvana or maybe because they donít care for sentimentality. The Kamikaze Trio plays music with venom and danger, both elements keeping rock music fresh and exciting.

A proud product of the fertile Melbourne music scene, the members have been banging around the country in various bands since they were legal age. The bandís sound encapsulates constant rhythmic persuasions with tough pop sensibilities and noisy guitar bursts.

The songs on the album are like a storybook of early-20-something life. Songs about inner city living woe, dreams of grandiosity, boozing and online Rock and Roll forum sites. Produced by Paul Maybury (Rocket Science) the album captures the live aggression of the band whilst allowing the songs shine through.

After building a strong live following around Australia the Kamikaze Trio are set to release their debut album this autumn. A proud moment for any band, even prouder that is coming out on In-Fidelity Records, a label they all love and admire. With plans for an extensive European tour in 2005 to follow, keep your eyes and ears fixed on the Kamikaze Trio.