The Drones formed in Perth in 1999. In early 2001, Rui and Gareth headed east and for some reason settled in Sydney. There they lived in a Mitsubishi van on a dumped mattress with two mutts for three weeks before heading south. To stay in the shittiest caravan park in all of grey Victoria. They survived low-rent Saturday night fevers of violence before finding a bass player and a drummer. The new Drones were formed.

They recorded their manic, poetic debut album, Here Comes The Lies, soon afterwards. It was an exuberant, soulful, harshly beautiful and darkly comical affair. It also received huge praise all over the world and is now heralded as an Australian classic.

In 2005, after innumerable headline shows, a slew of singles, compilation tracks and a successful tour of Europe and the US, the Drones are at the height of their powers.

The new album, Wait Long By The River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By, is the proof. It was the inaugural winner of the AMP (Australian Music Prize) 2005.

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