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“His voice has a mellow, warm and welcoming quality that invites you in, sits you down and comforts you like an old friend. The quality of this man's vocals and his talent for songwriting belie his tender age. You shouldn't be writing material this good when you're still in your early twenties.”

Join The Dots is the debut album by Melbourne’s Tobias Cummings and the Long Way Home.

Join The Dots is both a continuation and a leap forward from Tobias’ previous release, the EP You Incomplete Me. Taking in the numb trauma of Neil Young’s sophomore gem, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, and the dusty roads that Grant McLennan explored at his most poignant, You Incomplete Me has the kind of heart-wrenching tug and sweetly sad overture that leaves the people who got hold of a copy know they’re in the presence of something special.

“The five tracks are all killer, but the particular highlights are the delightfully plangent Laid to Rest and the stunning Don't You Know and - ah, bugger it, they're all great. Grab a copy and immerse yourself in it.”
Clem Bastow, Inpress, 'Single of the Week'

“Without a doubt, one of Cummings' strongest qualities is his voice - able to switch between beautifully high notes and hushed, breathy lyrics without strain.
'You Incomplete Me’ is a remarkably confident, accomplished and well polished record.”
Andrew Ramage, Beat Magazine, 'Album of the Week'

Recalling Robert Forster’s battle-cry of twenty years ago, “I haven’t come down since Dylan went electric,” Join The Dots nods at that half-remembered signpost of the times changin’ when folk music shifted from the fields to the coffeehouses then to the main stage - and an urbane edge infected those sounds.

Tobias Cummings and the Long Way Home’s territory sees the Appalachians traded in for the Great Dividing Range, small-town dreaming pitted against rock’n’roll’s solipsistic nihilism and an Australian flavour brought to bear on rootsy pop.

Produced by Tim Whitten (The Go-Betweens, Underground Lovers, Art of Fighting, Augie March), Join The Dots was recorded straight to two-inch tape, the old way, with a minimum of fuss and bother and no computer interference. The result is earthy and time-worn.

Tobias Cummings and the Long Way Home get those smoky, late-night feelings of dull pain and wan smiling just so; bruised emotions and hushed awe - the knowledge that it’s always darkest just before dawn - are evident in the quiet grandeur in which this album is steeped.

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