There is a certain amount of romanticism with road trips – particularly in the USA . For year’s people have traversed the interminable stretches of highway that criss-cross America – on their own Kerouac-esque search. It is the journey not the destination that is ultimately important and is what can shape one’s life or trigger a decision that has a long lasting impact.

With this in mind brothers Simon and Felix Juliff, and friends Dave O’Bryan and Scott Wilson, decided to hit the road. Working whatever jobs they could they saved their bucks and headed off for a holiday in the States.

For five weeks in late 2000, they criss-crossed the West Coast in a Chevy Suburban. With their shared enthusiasm for rocking tunes, they were drawn to the bright lights of Las Vegas where each year the legendary garage-fest, ‘Las Vegas Shakedown’, is held. There they spent three days and nights imbibing the sounds of such bands as Andre Williams, the Dictators, Lazy Cowgirls, The Real Kids, Dead Moon, and countless others. They left Vegas inspired to rekindle their former collaborations. Tired and emotional but sufficiently invigorated they drove through the sweltering heat of Death Valley, with a new found determination to form their own band

Next stop, Sonoma County, north of San Francisco, the guys borrowed some equipment, hired a hall and put on a gig. The people came, the boys played and the band took shape. With an invitation to perform at a party near Denver, Colorado, they christened themselves ‘The Roys’ (in honour of absent friends and relatives).

Upon their return to Melbourne the momentum continued when long-time Paul Kelly musical collaborator Peter Luscombe (who has also worked with an array of artists running the gamut from The White Stripes to Kasey Chambers) – heard some rough recordings and offered to produce some tracks . As they didn’t have a drummer at the time Peter graciously handled the drumming duties on the recordings .

Buzz Thompson (of the Falls Festival) received an early copy and was hooked on their songs. Although he had no real ambition to manage a band, he offered his services. Buzz encouraged Scott (lead guitar) to introduce Dan Sultan a multi-talented musician, to the rest of the band as a potential drummer, and the final part of The Roys fell into place.

In Fidelity Records is proud to have The Roys join their stable of artists – which includes Dan Kelly (& the Alpha Males), the Datsuns, the Dirtbombs and the Specimens.

The self titled EP - is raw and captures the spontaneous energy of this unique band and will be released on November 15th 2004 .

Everyone had a blast recording the ep , so Peter Luscombe will be back producing The Roys debut album – with sessions commencing early in 2005 . In the meantime dig this six track release .


16 November 2006 - The Roys - Sexy Men

The Roys have a pretty incredible video clip for their forthcoming single, Sexy Man, up on their website and myspace site. We don't normally do news articles about videos but then we don't normally have vdeos quite like this. Have a look - you wll be surprised!

The video has been chosen as a finalist for the SunScreen indy video competition. If you like the clip, give it your vote. Voting closes Wedn. Nov. 23rd.

02 November 2005 - The Roys - Lift The Spirits

In a world that sometimes gives you every reason to want to crawl
under the table and whimper The Roys decided it was time for a protest gig. Nay, a celebration: They would assemble some of their favourite local bands at the Tote where everyone could get drunk and howl away their troubles. “Sir Geldoff, this is the way forward!” they screamed but he wouldn’t listen. They forged ahead - Bob or no Bob.
The date was set. Friday, December 16th. The Tote was booked.
Then came the bands: The Exploders have been enjoying some jjj success
with their great rock'n'roll songs. The Cliffy Davis Goodtime Band never fail to
satisfy with their full tilt boogie tunes. Fire Underground are a
two piece that smash away at their instruments with demented glee
and a special guest will appear to add some mystery (Bob’s only suggestion).
Oh yeah and The Roys will shake your mind and melt your ass in an almost inappropriate display of good will and hysteria.
A night to lift the spirits. Put your bells on brothers and sisters! Don't miss a thing.

The Roys have been quietly working on their debut album with Pete Luscombe at the controls.
They've just posted a new website
Check it out!